@ Hugging, Embracing and Kissing in Public   外で いちゃついても大丈夫?

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Aug 16, 2010 21:42
No matter how intelligent one is, people are sometimes not themselves.(No matter how one is intelligent, he can sometimes not act like his usual self.)

When I was traveling in America, riding the AmTrak from NY to Philly, a middle aged and intellectual-looking couple was sitting next to me. It was getting dark.

What startled me was that when I glanced to the right side(glanced at them), they were making out! ( What boggled my mind was that~)    

I looked toward the left side in a mad rush, but it was unfortunate, the window became a mirror and I caught sight of them.

What do you think about a public displays of affection(PDA)?(What's your opinion on public displays of affection?)

For me, they looked like they were getting carried away, but some people may not be bothered by it. (it may not bother some people.)

If I were an American, I would not have been that surprised, I guess. I assume that the acceptable levels of PDA between Westerners and Japanese are much different.

Even at a wedding, I feel a little uncomfortable seeing the bride and groom kiss in front of people. You don't feel that way, do you?

Even though there are lots of couples holding hands and walking down the street lately in Japan, more Japanese people would feel objectionable seeing them kissing than in most of Europe, the US and other Western countries.

I wonder how couples from different backgrounds compromise. I heard a story from an American lady, who just arrived in Japan and had a Japanese boyfriend. He often rejected her approach to kiss him outside by saying "No skin-ship here!" (^∇^)

The term "skin ship" sounds like real English, which means a physical contact. It has become a phrase used nationwide.

PDA is not a big issue in Japan, but once we had a chance to be exposed to other cultures, maybe it will become one of the first actions to make us feel closer.