@ Japanese People are Friendly and Kind, but Annoying~ 親切だけど、時々、うるさいなあ

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Aug 12, 2010 21:39
Suppose you were in Japan. Would you like to be treated as a foreigner by Japanese people, like beig asked, "Where are you from?" or "Can you eat raw fish?" and so on, in a friendly manner (way)?

Instead, would you prefer living here in the same way as Japanese people? I could not find a better expression for it, but I mean, if you are in Tokyo, you won't strongly feel that you are a foreigner. You will just feel natural. This is because there are lots of foreigners in big cities, and you may not speacially draw attention there. People wouldn't see you as a different creature~

An American lady, who lives in Miyazaki Prefecture with her Japanese husband, called me and told me about her summer vacation. She spent three weeks at her relative's in Tokyo. She said that the people in Tokyo were so different from those in her city.

In Miyazaki, whenever she goes out, some people stare at her, some are brave to talk to her and ask questions, some ask her if they can practice English with her, and so on. She says that the local people are very friendly, but sometimes annoying. Even though I'm Japanese, I could say so too.

On the one hand, in Tokyo, she was quite surprised that nobody talked to her on the street, in cafes or restaurants during her three-week stay there. She said that she had forgotten that she was a foreigner, because nobody stared at her.

Although Japan is such a small country, people's attitude varies depending on the place. So, the impression you get about Japan and Japanese people would really depend on where you live or visit, I guess.

This is one of the reasons that I can say that Japan is a unique country.