@ Why Do They Chew Gum? どうして、ガムをかんでいるんですか?

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Aug 11, 2010 21:37
I wonder why Major League Baseball players in America chew gum when they play?

I have not seen Japanese players doing the same thing while playing, even though they might be doing so without being seen.

I've also seen on TV that office workers at (their) firms in the US chew gum, which is a big no-no in Japan. Of course, even in the US, I don't think they do it when they talk with their boss. However, this custom really looks lenient compared to Japan.

I read an article about the effectiveness of gum, actually about the action of chewing gum, which was proven in an experiment performed by Dr. Andrew Scholey at university in Australia. ( I read an aricle about the effectiveness of chewing gum, or rather about the action of chewing gum, which was carried out by Dr.Andrew scholey at a university in Australia.)

According to his study, while you are under pressure, the action of chewing gum allays your anxiety, and as a result reduces your stress. (According to Professor Scholey's research, while you are under stress, the action of chewing gum helps to alleviate one's anxiety and will actually help to lower one's stress level.)

Furthermore, it focuses your attention on your work, and helps your performance. (Furthermore, it improves your focus and performance.)

It seems that moving your jaw in a certain rhythm for a while helps to activate serotonin, and it strikes a good balance with your nerves.

Wow! It takes a lot of guts to chew gum in front of people in Japan, because it's not so common. Maybe it is one of the best and easiest ways for people who suffer from stress to relieve it!!! (Maybe it is one of the best and easiest ways to cure people who suffer from stress!!!)

Now that I know that it's effective for developing concentration levels, I'll chew gum in the TOEIC test, no matter what people say to me! (^^)/