I'm In an Angry Mood Today  私は今日、怒ってる

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Dec 19, 2014 09:22
Yesterday, I had lunch with some of my friends.

One of them started talking about her irritation. Her dad has been in a hospital and she's been seeing him almost every day. Meanwhile, her sister seems not to see him so often.

Remarkably, her sister went there twice last week! I think that the fact made her dad so happy.

The thing went like this; when my friend went to the hospital the other day, her dad showed happiness and appreciation towards not her, but her sister. To make matters worse, she knew that her dad was telling how pleased he was to get the other daughter to see him to other patients and even his doctor.

I understood what she meant, because I had an experience that I was treated like a ghost, as if I were not existing, by someone who I liked a lot.

I was all ears, but I didn't tell her anything after that. Other friends were trying to soothe her anger by saying that her dad appreciates her even though he doesn't say anything about her to other people.

I am skeptical of it, because I feel that people's deeds show their real inner thoughts and purposes.

I think people complete their happiness when they are recognized their existence value by other people, especially loved ones. Otherwise, they would feel that they are just ghosts!!!






私は、だまって彼女の話を聞いていた。そして、私はなにも言わなかった。他の友だちは、彼女の気持ちをなだめるために 「お父さんはあなたのことを誰にも なにも言わないけど、感謝してるんだよ」とか言っていた。


人って、その存在価値を 他の人、特に愛する人に認められて初めて、本当の幸せを感じると思う。そうでなければ 私なんて「ただのお化け」にすぎない!

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