@ I Have a Question For You About Our Languages. 英語と日本語についての質問

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Jan 4, 2015 18:49
I think that most of you speak both English and Japanese. I am no exception, even though my English needs practice.

Now, I have a question for you.

Which language do you think is more suitable when you need to describe your true feelings? In my case, English triumphs over Japanese! I feel that English has more ways to express emotion. So I've been using English more often than Japanese when I want to express my feelings to those who understand both languages.

Here on Lang-8, I'm afraid that I am being a nuisance by showing my emotions in English and letting off some steam from time to time. Forgive me for doing what I can't do easily in my society.

When I speak Japanese, I use vague expressions and make ambiguous replies almost unconsciously. It's ironic that even in situations when I need to convey my feelings clearly, I tend to use vague expressions and ambiguous replies.

So, if you have had any experience arguing with Japanese people, you might have been sort of confused by our language.

I think there are some subtle words and expressions in English to make your feelings and thoughts obscure as well ,though my English is not good enough to use them freely. If I argue in English, there is a chance that I might sound too harsh.

”Ignorance is bliss", which refers to 知らぬが仏 in Japanese. I might have been hurting you by using inappropriate English without know it well!

My foremost New Year's resolution should be to improve my English. Nothing else!



どっちの言語が感情を表現しやすい? 私にとっては、英語が圧勝! 英語の方がそのための言葉や表現が多いように感じる。だから、話し相手が両方の言語が理解できる人だと、感情を表現したい時には英語の方をよく使った。





「知らぬが仏」英語では、Ignorance is bliss。


だから、新年の抱負の第一は、「英語の上達」! それしかない。

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