Manga Otaku In America versus In Japan アメリカの 漫画オタクと日本の漫画オタク

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Nov 28, 2013 10:04
I've been thinking about otaku (nerdy people), particularly manga otaku, since an American friend gave me an interesting impression of it.

He seems to have found out a difference between American and Japanese manga-otaku after visiting Akihabara in Tokyo where is a mecca for otaku.

According to what he said, many American manga fans have an itch to talk about things that they are hooked on and enjoy talking about them with people mostly who have the same interests. In contrast, Japanese otaku he met there seem not to talk a lot about them.

I was amazed at his insightful impression. At the same time, I was surprised to discover that American manga fans are dying to speak! I thought that my friend was right because Japanese manga otaku are more likely enjoy it by themselves.

Then, I wanted to know why Japanese manga fans wouldn't talk and even tend to keep it secret, so I read some articles on the Internet this morning.

First of all, they are afraid of getting poor impression by other people if they reveal it. It's because many Japanese people still have a bad image of people who read manga, not novels and the like.

Second, manga-otaku are becoming more and more unsociable while doing so. People might think that it was just because of manga that would make them to hover between reality and the world of fantasy.

Actually all of my friends and family were quite surprised to learn that my friend, who mentioned about it, has been using manga for learning Japanese. Maybe because many of us don't have a good impression of manga-craze, and it would be a little hard to believe that intelligent people get caught up in manga from the Japanese point of view.

I just wonder if I could reveal it if I was a big fan of manga here... maybe not!
前に友達が 「漫画オタク」について面白いことを言っているのを聞いてから、そのことを考えている。

東京の秋葉原に行ってみて、アメリカの漫画オタクと日本の漫画オタクの違いに気が付いたらしい。 秋葉原はオタクのメッカだ。


私は彼の洞察力に驚いた! 同時にアメリカのオタクたちは話したがっているんだってことにも驚いた。 私は彼の持った印象は正しいと思う。 日本人の漫画オタクたちは主に一人で楽しんでいるように見える。


まず最初にあげられる理由は、他の人から悪い印象をもたれることへの恐れだ。多くの日本人は、小説などを読まずに 漫画に興じている人に対してはまだ、いいイメージを持ちにくい。

さらに、そうしているうちに漫画オタクたちは、人との付き合いが苦手になってしまっている。 それは漫画のせいだと考える人たちは多い。現実とファンタジーの世界との区別がつかなくなってしまう、そんなことを考える。

実際、私の友達や家族は その彼が漫画で日本語を勉強していることにすごく驚いた。たぶん、私たちの多くは漫画狂の人に対してはいい印象を持てないし、日本人的な見地から言うと、知的レベルの人が漫画オタクになることは考えにくいからだ。