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May 13, 2014 23:14
I went to a debate meeting that took place this morning.

Five Japanese women who are English-teachers, except for me, got together and practiced debating. Today's topic was about "flip teaching," which it seems some Western countries have been practicing. Japan does not practice it however. A city in the Saga Prefecture started putting it to use in elementary schools last year. Now it has raised a controversy here.

In today's schools, the traditional model of learning has a teacher-centered classroom. However, "flip teaching" reverses the traditional way. At home, students watch a video that their teacher has prepared the previous day. The next day in class, students discuss the topic and solve some problems related to the video.

It's a new trial and I appreciate that the mayor is trying to bring it into effect for the first time. However, I doubt that it really applies to elementary school children. I wonder how many children can understand the subject and collect their ideas only by watching a short video at home.

The mayor says that it'd be no point only in discussing education 1000 times, but it'd be worth trying anyway. That's true.

Namida-sousou by Rimi Natsukawa


私以外の4人の英語の先生たちと一緒にディベートの練習をした。今日のトピックは「反転授業」。これは西洋の国では、もう用いられている教育法らしい。日本では、佐賀県の武雄市で去年から施行されている。 今、そのことが議論されているらしい。


新しいことに初めて挑戦するその市長さんには感謝したくなる。でも、それが果たして小学生に適用できるのだろうか? 何人の子供たちが、短いビデオを見るだけで、その課題を理解し、考えをまとめ上げることができるんだろうか?