@ A Question That Japanese People Should Ask  外国人にすべき質問

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Sep 19, 2015 22:46
When I was surfing the Net, I came across an interesting video clip on Facebook.

I found it interesting because it's instructive to get to know how I ought to speak to people from other countries. The American man was talking about what kind of question Japanese people "should" ask foreign people.

I've heard or read about what kinds of questions are rude or inappropriate to ask foreign people, but I’ve never heard about what we should ask them. The answer that he expected was not “where are you from?” or “why are you in Japan?”.

Can you guess what it is? If you are a person who comes from a foreign country, maybe you will come up with a good answer from your own experience.

Let me give you a hint.

I would roughly divide those foreign people into two categories: Tourists and residents who live in Japan.

I guess when Japanese people see you and dare to talk to you, most of them want to hear about your country, or more than that, they want to teach you about Japan or Japanese cultures. Some of them tend to praise you by trying to point out your talents or even praise your appearance.

However, suppose you have been living here for several years, you must have some sense of what it is to be a Japanese citizen, right?

But, Japan doesn't seem to be willing to allow you to live as one of the Japanese people. It's awkward for me to hear that a lot of Japanese people ask you the same questions, like "Can you eat Sushi?" "Can you use chopsticks?", no matter how many years you have been living here.

Sorry for the lengthy hint! Is the answer to my question clear? Bingo!

The answer is "How long have you been in Japan?"

The person in the video pinpointed it to help us realize that some "gaijin-looking" people have been living here for ages and they have been already exposed to Japanese cultures.

I agree with him. The question is good.

If Japanese people understand this, we can get substantive information quicker, and then we must be able to have more colorful conversations with each other.




外国人に対する質問で失礼なものや不適切と思われるものは 聞いたり読んだりしたことがあるけど、「質問すべき」というものは 聞いたことがなかった。それは、「どこから来られたんですか?」とか、「どうして日本にいるんですか?」というものではない。

答えは何だと思う? あなたがもし外国から来た人だったら、あなた自身の経験からいい答えを見つけ出せるかもしれない。



日本人が外国人と出くわして、勇気をもって話しかけたとする。そのほとんどの日本人は、あなたの国のことを聞きたいかもしれない。それよりもっと、日本のこと、日本の文化を教えたいと思うだろう。 それとも、あなたの能力を探してほめたり、外見をほめようとする人たちもいるはず。

でも、あなたが何年か日本に住んでる外国人だったら、あなたも 日本人の一人として生活している実感があると思う。


長いヒントになってしまった。 答えがはっきりしてきた? ピンポ~ン!


そのビデオの中の人は、外見が外国人でも、何年も日本にいて、日本の文化などに触れてきている人たちもいるということを はっきりと指摘している。

賛成! いい質問だと思う。