Would You Accept Friend-Requests Generously? 友達のリクエスト、寛大に受け入れてる?

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Nov 12, 2013 21:28
Recently, I've received friend-requests one after another almost every day, which often have made me disappointed because there is no message in it. Those names are unheard-of, and I don't know who in the world they are at all!

I'm sorry I've just let go those who haven't sent any messages, or who haven't made any comments or corrections in my journal entries so far.

It's probably because Lang-8 started encouraging to send friend-requests to as mamy people as possible in order to get corrections. However, some of them are just trying to gather friends at random before writing their journals or correcting other's entries. Chances are good that they don't know how to do so.

What do you think about it?

Would you accept those types of requests? I'm kind of picky when it comes to making friends even though I have no right to be...

最近、毎日のように次々と フレンドリクエストが届く。 そのほとんどがメッセージのないリクエストで私はがっかりしてしまう。 その人達の名前も聞いたことないし、一体全体だれ?


たぶん、Lang-8が「添削をもらうためにできるだけ友達をつくるように」と促しているせいかもしれないね。でも、ある人達は、自分たちが日記を書く前にしかも他の人のための添削もせずに、手当たり次第に友達を作ろうとしているみたいだ。 どんなふうにしたらいいのか知らない可能性もあるね。


そういう人たちの要望をきいてあげる? 私は友達に関してはけっこううるさい方だよ。 そんなことができる筋合いでもないのに、、、