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Sep 22, 2015 08:52
I've been learning some English expressions from a bilingual English and Japanese newsletter.

There is a phrase in it: "He is not your average teacher." 彼は格別の先生です。

"Not your average" seems to be a set phrase.
I can't now help but wonder how "he" and "you" are connected to each other. Do you always use "your"in this expression?

Take the situation, for example, where someone is really a great teacher to me, but you don't know the teacher at all. Which word is appropriate, "your" or "my", in this case?

He is not my average teacher.> Is this sentence wrong?(あまりいい先生ではない)

Let me ask you one more question. How are they different?

1. Are you blaming me?
2. Are you accusing me?

I would translate them both as 私を責めてる?

Please teach me those.


その中に 「彼は格別の先生です」という表現がある。

Not your average が 決まったフレーズのようだけど、その Your という部分がよく理解できない。

例えば、その先生は 「私にとって」いい先生で、私が話してる相手はその先生を知らなくても、Your を使うのかなあ?

He is not my average teacher. は誤った文章?


Blame と Accuseの違いがいま一つ よくわからない。