@ How To Make Foreign Friends? どうやって外国人の友だちを作る?

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Nov 4, 2013 22:41
Though not many, I'm fortunate to have some close friends from other countries.

Most of my Japanese friends, even Japanese English-teachers, have wondered why I have made those friends and asked me how to build friendships with them. Since I don't have any specific tips, my answer is always something like, "I don't know." If I have to answer, I say that I just want to make friends with them!

Today, I received a phone call from an American friend. While I was listening to her complaint about some Japanese people, I suddenly found the answer to the question they had been asking me.

My friend seems to have been offended by Japanese people who don't respect other cultures; in her case, which is American culture. Even though they may speak English very well, if they are not interested in other cultures and disregard them, they will never build good relationships with people from other countries.

She opened my eyes and made me consider how important learning about different cultures can be.

If someone asks me how to make foreign friends, I will definitely tell them that they should learn about other cultures and try to understand them well while studying the language.

I guess that this is one of Japan's major issues in catching up with the current global community, as it's been a homogeneous country for ages.

The change in thinking will give us a chance to nurture great friendships regardless of nationality.

日本人の友だちのほとんどが、それが英語の先生たちでも、「私にどうしてそういう友達がいるのか」不思議に思っているみたいだ。そして、「どうやって友達を作るの?」って聞いてくる。私には特別な手引きなんてない。 だから、私の答えはいつも 「わからない」だ。 でも、どうしても答えないといけないなら、こう答えると思う。「私はそういう友だちが欲しい!」

今日ね、アメリカ人の友達から電話をもらった。 彼女の日本人に対する不満をきいているうちに、その答えを見い出せた!

彼女は 外国の文化を尊重しない日本人と話していて不快な気分になるみたいだった。彼女の場合はアメリカの文化だね。 その日本人たちがどんなに英語が上手でも、彼らが外国の文化を理解しようとしなかったり軽視したりしていたら、外国人とのいい関係は築けないってことだ。



日本は長い間、単一民族で来た国だから、このことは 今の国際社会に遅れないでついていくためにはものすごく大切な課題だと思う。