@ I Don't Want to be Called an Ordinary Woman  「普通の女性」はいや

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Sep 2, 2015 22:23
Although a lot of people seem to try to act like a normal person, I wonder how many people are satisfied with just staying as an average Joe(/ an ordinary person).

What brought on this question is that I've often heard the phrase "That person is different" from a lot of people in Japan. I don't quite understand how they are different from the people who say that. Most of the time when I hear it, the speaker is criticizing someone with this ambiguous expression and leaving the exact reason vague.

Maybe our "shame culture" has an affect on our words and actions, and as a result, a lot of people take safety measures, which is probably "being normal."

Yesterday, I voluntarily participated as an extra in a TV drama that was being shot in my city. That offer came out of the blue, but I accepted it in a split second because of great curiosity.

Fifteen people gathered to work as extras. I know they are not just normal people, as it's obvious that they want to appear on TV.  Even so, I was quite surprised to find out that they all wanted to stick out because they tried to be recorded on camera as much as they could!

Me? Well, I had expected to be scouted! lol

PS: Don't take it seriously.


こういう疑問が出てくるのは、「あの人は変わってる」という言葉を 日本ではよく聞くからだ。私には、その人たちがどう変わっているのか、よくわからないことが多い。そのときはほとんど、そう言っている人たちはそういう曖昧な言葉で、誰かを非難しているようだ。



15人のエキストラが集まった。彼らは、まあ、普通の人たちではないね。テレビに出たがっている人たちなんだから。 そうだとしても、彼らには驚かされた。みんな、目立ちたがっていたし、少しでもカメラにとらえられるようにがんばっていたから。

私もその一員だって? そうじゃない。スカウトされることを期待していた! (笑)

PS: 冗談!