@ Journal Entries with or without a Translation in Native Language 母国語が必要?

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Sep 6, 2015 17:39
This morning, I happened to read an argument about the pros and cons of including a translation in your mother tongue. Two Japanese people made their comments about that on an American person's post.

A Japanese person asked the American person to put his English translation in order to help Japanese English learners and to get them to understand what he exactly wanted to say for their corrections. I felt that it was more than asking a favor, but a little too strong an offer or even a demand.

What I learned from their argument is that each person has their own purposes and nobody should force other people to do anything.

Actually, I personally like reading journal entries with their native language. The reason is that more than anything, it's easier to correct their Japanese, and it's more interesting for me to understand the certain facts and their real feelings without pondering this or that.

However, in reality, I have some Lang-8 friends who don't write their entries in their own language. But still, I keep reading and correcting their Japanese. Do you know why?

I simply like their journals, that is the contents, and the personalities that I feel from their writings.

Looking back on my past, although I had stuck to my policy for quite a long time, which was that thinking things only in English and writing only in English would be the best way to improve my English ability, I wonder when I broke the rule and started to translate into Japanese?

I remember what made me start doing this. I thought that my translations would help Japanese learners with their Japanese, especially those who want to learn conversational Japanese. I knew that Japanese learners could learn polite Japanese from their books, but not a lot of people were in circumstances where they could learn casual Japanese.

I don't think a lot of people read my Japanese, though, if there are some who are pleased to read it, I would be happy. That's good enough for me!



そのコメントを読んで思ったのは、やはり 人はそれぞれ、違う目的を持ってこの場にいるんだから、人になにかを押し付けるべきではないということだ。




過去を振り返ると、私はある自分なりの信条に長いこと執着していた。日記を書くときは、英語だけで考えて、英語だけで書くことが 英語力を伸ばす最高の方法だと信じていた。でも、いつから、この決まりを破って 日本語で書くようになったんだろう?

どんなことがきっかけで、日本語訳を書き始めたか、覚えている。 自分が日本語を書くことで、学習者の助けになるんじゃないかと思い始めた。特に会話で使う日本語を学びたい人たちには力になると思った。丁寧な日本語は本からでも学べるけど、会話で使う日本語を学べる環境にいる人たちは多くはないと思った。

たくさんの人たちが私の日本語を読んでいるとは思わないけど、少しの人でも読んでくれているとしたら、それで嬉しい。 それで十分だと思う。