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Dec 24, 2014 14:14
It was a bit of a complicated year for me in 2014 because I was involved in a difficult relationship problem for quite a while. But, I will be able to completely sort it out by the end of this year.

I think that my journal entries for the past year have been confusing and difficult to understand for most of my readers, and I feel the need to apologize for not being able to say it straight out. This was because it was also hard for me to figure out what I was thinking and feeling. So I tried to find out how I felt by writing my diaries.

This experience provided me a chance to reflect on what really matters, especially on who needs me. I guess I should simplify my life and myself going forward(/in the future)!

Having said that, I'm not that cut-and-dry...

I hope you will see me and my journal without being held back by that!

Thank you!


この1年間の私の日記はとてもややこしくて、わかりにくかったでしょ。だから、みんなに 自分の問題をはっきり言えなかったことを謝りたい。自分でも、なにを考えて、なにを感じているのかわからずにいたから。 そういうわけで、日記を書きながら自分探しをしていた。

この経験のおかげで、なにが本当にたいせつなことなのか、特に誰が私を必要としているのかを熟考することができた。 これからは、生活をそして、自分をもっと簡素化したほうがいいのかもしれない。




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