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Jan 28, 2015 11:23
Have you noticed that how Japanese people nod a lot when they are listening to you and even lecturers?

A TV program was trying to find out why there are so many massage places in Japan. It reported that the number of massage parlors is double the number of convenience stores in Japan.

The survey conducted by the program found that there are a lot of Japanese people who have been suffering from stiff necks, and maybe some muscle pains.

A doctor indicated that it was caused by our custom of nodding a lot. The motion places an excessive level of stress on the muscles of the neck.

Surprisingly, a lot of Japanese children in elementary schools also have stiff necks, according to their research.

After watching it, I became aware that I, too, nodded a lot when listening. Then, I thought that I should refrain from nodding more than necessary.

I'm not sure if you have a custom of nodding while listening in your culture, although people do in Japan.

Here, the nodding is mostly to signal that "I am listening to you carefully", which accords courtesy to the speaker. However, sometimes people would show a fake politeness to pretend that they understand you or agree with you by nodding. I bet that would confuse you.

When you talk with your Japanese friends, why don't you try to observe how often they nod?

That would be an interesting experiment to learn cultural differences!

日本人が「何回もうなずく」という事実に気がついてた? あなたの話を聞いている時、それから、講演会で話を聞く時でさえ。