I Wonder Why I Was Not Able To Express My Real Thoughts. どうして本当の気持ちを言えなかったんだろう。

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Dec 17, 2014 12:06
There is the Japanese term "jukunen-rikon" that was newly coined several years ago. 熟年離婚  It literally translated as a middle-aged divorce.

The number of those couples seems to have been increasing year after year and interestingly, and reportedly in most cases, they were broached by wives.

Suppose you would be pressed for a divorce by your wife out of the blue?

I'm not sure if the phenomenon is worldwide or it's seen a lot especially in Japan.

I guess that it happens anywhere, but the problem here is that those husbands are not actually aware of the problems and can't find the exact reasons until the end.

From my experiences of some problems with people, I can guess that culturally we are not good at expressing our real thoughts. We are used to bottle up our inner feelings. It's said for a long time that having good patience by yourself is virtue.

I can't bracket all Japanese people, but at least I had some experiences to make matters complicated by not showing my true thoughts.

In a positive way to say, I was a patient person, but in a negative way, I didn't try to get across to them.

In hindsight, I regret not doing this. It's kind of difficult to control my thoughts and feelings that have been swelling up later on, which are mixed with both good and bad.

Maybe I should set them off like an active volcano some day!

Today, the active volcano Sakurajma in my city is capped by snow and so beautiful.

日本には、「熟年離婚」という言葉がある。数年前に作られた新語だ。文字通りに訳すと、"middle aged divorce"となる。






すべての日本人をまとめてしまうことはできないけど、少なくとも、私は自分の本当の思いを言わずに 問題を複雑にしてしまった経験がある。





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