I'm in a Fit of Jealousy 嫉妬に駆られている自分

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Jan 26, 2015 18:42
Recently, I've started thinking about my English ability seriously. One of the reasons is that I've got some people who asked me to teach English.

Meanwhile, I was asked by an American friend like, "Why do you want to be like a native speaker?"

The first and foremost priority is to be able to interact well and also establish emotional bond with native English speakers. There isn't much point in studying English if I can't understand, and be understood by, people from other countries.

The second reason that I've realized recently is that I feel frustrated that there is no convincing proof of my ability of English. If I had lived in an English speaking country, even a few months, people here would value me as a good English teacher. I passed the pre-first grade of the English proficiency test, but I couldn't keep bragging about it carrying a flag!

Life is interesting. Someone like me who has no official qualification as a teacher or no experience to live in any other countries, is asked to teach English.

This morning, I was working on some lessons for my students for this week. I need to make considerable degree of efforts to work as an English teacher, because I am not a native speaker. It's important to brush up not only my progress of the language, but also it's required to have the skills of teaching and become a person who can attract people as well.

Above all, honestly, I'm insanely jealous of native English speakers! lol





人生っておもしろい。先生としての資格もない、しかも 外国に住んだこともない私が、英語を教えることを頼まれるんだから。


なにはともあれ、正直に言うと、気が狂うほど、英語のネイティブの人たちに嫉妬を感じている! くやしい!