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Apr 24, 2014 10:49
I went to an Australian restaurant a couple of days ago.

I was curious about what kind of dishes Australian people eat because I have never been to Australia and my knowledge of Australian food is very limited. What I know is that many of the people there like vegemite, which doesn't seem like a yummy food in general. I expected it to be on the menu, but unfortunately they didn't have it.

Instead, there was "eggs benedict," "smashed avocado," "corn fritter with tomato relish" and some kind of penini on the menu. I talked about it with my Australian friend. Although I don't remember exactly how he said it, it seems that those dishes are not very common in Australia or he hasn't eaten any of them.

Anyway, sometimes I tend to be tricked by the name of a restaurant or their catch-phrases.

I remember that when I went to a French place with a French person several years ago, he was surprised at the fact that I believed that the dishes were French food. He told me that it was just Japanese-style Western food.

It's in the cards (It's likely) that the sushi you are eating in your country is not genuine sushi. (There's a good chance that the sushi you eat in your country isn't genuine sushi.) lol


いったい、オーストラリア人たちはどんなものを食べてるんだろう。そこに行ったこともないし、その知識もない。 ただ知っているのは 多くの国民がベジマイという食べ物を好きであるということ。でもそれは一般的にはおいしい食べ物ではないらしい。 そのレストランのメニューにベジマイがあることを期待していたけど、残念ながらなかった。

エッグベネディクト、スマッシュドアボガド、スイートコーンのフリッター、それにパニーニがメニューに載っていた。 オーストラリアの友達にそれを尋ねてみたら、(ええっと、なんて答えたかなあ?)それは普通のオージーの食べ物じゃない、それか、彼が食べたことがないのか、そんな答えだった。


何年か前にフランス料理を食べに、フランス人の友達と言ったとき、私がその料理をフランス料理だと信じてることに その友達はびっくりした。「これは、ただの 日本的な西洋料理だ」と言った。

みんなが自分の国で食べている寿司も 本物でない可能性もあるんじゃないの~~ ^_^笑
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