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Jan 14, 2015 15:13 Thoughts
Yesterday, there was something that caused me to think about what I want from studying the English language.

When I was talking with a Japanese lady who had just started learning English, she told me that she could get along with native English speakers even with little English ability by using gestures to help get across what she means. She said she had a fun time with an American lady the day before yesterday.

But in actuality, when I met that American lady afterwards, I felt total differently from what I heard from the Japanese lady. After chatting with her, I felt that I should increase my vocabulary, otherwise I can't fully enjoy a conversation with her. 

I guess that the more your language skills improve, the more nuances you need to be able to understand.

However, if you are still unskilled in the language, you could probably have a fun time and get some laughs with the native speakers of the language, like that Japanese lady experienced.

I remember when I was not able to speak English well, I made some English teachers laugh a lot because I used inappropriate English words without realizing. It might have sounded cute, like a tongue-tied child. Of course, we didn't argue over owhatever I said, we just laughed. I wonder if that was also the fun thing about using English?

I was a bit confused about my original purpose of leaning English yesterday. I wonder if I want to be told that I sound cute, as I did before? I wonder if I want to make my friends who are English speakers laugh with my poor English again?

My English skill is not good enough to argue, but too strong to bring laughter or to sound cute, so I am not truly happy with the situation or the level that I am at.

In any event, I will be pursuing my dream, which is to be able to speak English fluently, as I love learning it!

I hope that I can argue with you freely someday soon!


最近英語を勉強しはじめた日本人の女性と話している時のこと。彼女がこう言った。「少しだけの英語とジェスチャーで、英語のネイティブの人たちともうまく付き合っていけるよ。」 彼女は、その前日に、アメリカ人の女性と楽しい時間を過ごしたことから、そのように言っていた。





昨日は、なぜ、英語を勉強しているのかについてちょっと混乱した。私もかわいい英語だと言われたいんだろうか? また以前のように、下手な英語でネイティブスピーカーを笑わせたいんだろうか?



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