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Jan 17, 2015 14:41
Yesterday, I met a lady around 30 years old at my kimono school. I was lucky to have tea with her and my instructor for a while before the lesson.

According to the kimono teacher, the lady I met seems to be a rather shy person and always seems to be nervous talking with other people. However, when I first met her, I didn't think she was. Rather, she was very funny and cheerful, with a good sense of humor.

If the teacher's perception of her is true, it means that I haven't gotten to know who she truly is yet. I was comfortable talking with her, no problem at all. If she's trying hard to talk with me despite feeling nervous, I would feel bad, though I don't know for sure if she feels nervous or not.

Anyway, I've often been thinking about my preconceived ideas about people since I started going to the school because I've heard about this sort of thing a lot. That's what it's like in a woman's world, you know!

I don't think I am good at looking at the flip side of people, which means I'm able to act naturally. Now that I've heard about it, even though I don't want to be, I've been puzzled about how I should act or what I should say.

While we were talking about what we want to do this year, I told her that I would like to be more positive. Her reaction was funny to me.
"Huh? You've already been very positive. How could you be any more positive?"

Then, I realized what she thinks of me. Actually, I was happy to hear that. However, I told her that I also feel down sometimes. I added that sometimes I feel like I've fallen into a bottomless pit.

However, I exaggerated a bit. I wonder why? Was it because I heard before that she was a person who hides her weaknesses by trying to be talkative?

Yesterday, I saw myself acting like a different person from who I really am.



もし、先生の解釈が正しいとしたら、私は本当の彼女をまだ見てないということになる。彼女と話していても心地いいし、、問題ない。 彼女が私と一緒にいることで、緊張して 逆に一生懸命無理して話しているとしたら悪いけど、、私にはよくわからない。



私達は今年、やりたいことなどを話した。私は、「今年はもっと前向きな考えができるようにする」って言った。彼女の反応がおもしろかった。「ええ? もうすでに前向きじゃないですか? これ以上、どうやって前向きになるんですか?」