I Should Shut Myself Up!  ダメよ、ダメダメ!

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Dec 28, 2014 12:05
I had a bonen-kai with two ladies last night and I went to Izakana, then a bar after that.

Bonen-kai is a Japanese-year-end party among groups of co-workers or friends, which takes place in December. I could say that it's kind of a drinking party in order to achieve the purpose of it; forget all woes and troubles of the year and look to the upcoming the new year.

Although I don't drink at all, I like to attend the parties. It feels like I will be able to go forward in hope, and moreover I feel nice to share the feelings with my friends together.

The topics that we talk about vary depending on the group. Last night, one lady who is single after divorcing with three children, started talking about her current romance. The other lady talked about her son who passed away only at the age of twenty.

Me? I was listening to their stories at first because I had decided to be a good listener before going. You know why I tried to do so? Even though I don't drink, I tend to be too honest and speak too openly about various matters of mine.

Oh well, that started to happen again only 20 minutes before we left the bar! I needed to zipper my mouth to shut myself up!




どんなことを話すかは、そのグループによっていろいろ。 昨日は、一人の女性は 彼氏との「ノロケ話」。彼女は3人の子供がいて、離婚している。もう一人は20才でなくなった息子さんのことを話した。

私?最初は二人の話を聞いていた。そこに行く前にいい聞き役になろうと決心していた。どうしてだと思う? 私って、お酒は飲まないくせに、あまりにも正直になりすぎて、自分の個人的な話をしてしまう癖があるから。

あああ、帰る20分前になって、またそれが始まった! もう、自分の口にチャックをしないとダメだ!

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