How Do You Keep Great Friendships? いい関係を保つ方法は?

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Apr 16, 2012 11:45

Do you often make contact with your friends? I've been thinking about how to build up great friendships.

Most people around me seem to have an idea that I have lots of friends. I occasionary get questions about it as if they want to see if I have got tons of friends. My answer is always, "No, I only have few friends."

Actually, it is not easy to draw a line between friends and just acquaintances. Speaking of friends, there are various in kinds: some friends are who I can meet or chat with regularly if I try, but some are who I can only meet once a year or so.

I wonder if my sense of friendship would be receded if I didn't get in touch with them at short intervals?

It's difficult to answer because it is always related to mutual feelings and consciousness.

I'm going to Tokyo this Thursday, and planning to meet one of my best friends. She and I met about 10 years ago when she was in my city, at the time we were luckily given lots of chances to meet up in person and also spend long hours to chat on the phone. I think that it paid off, even though we haven't had chances to meet or chat regularly for the last 5 years due to our circumstances, we both think we are still good friends.

I guess that it might be a rare case because I have had some friends who I lost our friendships at times went by. It is really a shame. This is because we have gradually given up staying in close contact with each other.

Maybe we need to make an effort to build up real friendships each other. This is kind of a warning to myself because I seem to be a person who surrenders easily..but, I have a strong feeling now to develop my friendships more.

Thank you for reading!