Would You Please Check My Translation? 翻訳をチェックしてくれますか?

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Apr 16, 2014 21:48
Would you help me with translation from English to Japanese?

In my English-pronunciation kit, I put some English sentences. I asked two of my Japanese friends to tell me how I should do to make it better, because I need to go over it before binding a book.

There seemed to be some English sentences that they don't fully understand, so I thought that I should translate some sentences into Japanese.

If you'd look at them and point out some mistakes I made, I would be highly appreciated.

1.Don’t tease me like that.(そんなふうにからかわないで)
2.She always leads guys on.(彼女はいつも男性をうまくだます)?????
3.She’s out of your league!(彼女はあなたにはもったいない!)

4.I’ll be your guinea-pig.(あなたの実験台になったあげる)
5.Pick me up at six, okay?(6時に車で迎えにきてくれる?)
6.I’m just getting by.(なんとか、やってるよ)

7.Just settle for water.(水でがまんして)
8.He accidentally set his shirt on fire.(間違って、シャツに火をつけてしまった)
9.Everything is riding on the test.(すべてがそのテスト次第だ)

10.They settled into a new place.(新しい場所に落ち着いた)
11.I want to let off some steam.(うっぷんを晴らしたい)
12.I saw Tom getting a box of coffee.(トムがコーヒー一箱買うのを見た)

13.You look different today!(今日は、違って見えるよ!)
14.He’s sulking about something trivial.(彼はちょっとしたことでふてくされる)

Well, I listed fourteen sentences, and it's too long. I will do with some other sentences in the next journal. I don't want you to feel tired to check them.