What If You Received Too Many Questions... もし、あれやこれや質問されたら

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Apr 11, 2012 11:25

I remembered a day when I got into a handicraft shop several years ago, the shop owner, who was a middle aged man, asked lots of questions to me.

First question was where I was from. I answered which town I lived in. The next was about what my job. I tried to fudge the question because I thought I didn't need to let him know about it, as he was totally a stranger to me. But still, he continued asking if I belonged to some hanicraft groups or not and what kind of fancy work I am interested in. I felt really annoyed by those questions and him who I felt was weird.

Yesterday, I was with an American friend eating out lunch, window-shopping. In a shop, as always, as soon as we entered in it, she got questions from a shop clerk. "Where are you from" is a common question she gets without fail in any places. "Why are you in Japan" is the second one that she usually gets. There, she needed to explain that she got married to a Japanese man. It's private, isn't it? On the second floor, she received the same questions from another staff. She kept smiling while she was answering them.

As quickly as we got off the shop, she sighed. I knew why. That was exactly the same situation that I experienced before. However, the biggest difference from mine is that she has had it over and over again whenever she went for the last three years while living in Japan.

After she let off steam by saying her bad feelings for a short while, we started studying Japanese over tea. It was good that we ended up having a great time together. \(^o^)/