@ I was Excited By Going To a Hanami-Party   花見パーティ

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Apr 9, 2012 10:20

Last Sunday, I took part in a cherry blossom viewing party that my Japanese-American friend held. It was a beautiful Sunday and the flowers in the park were in full bloom.

I was waiting for the day not only because I expected the flowers but also because I expected that I could see new people. Yes, it fit the bill.

There were almost 30 participants including some people from other countries, including England, America, the Philipines, Cambodia, Kazakhstan and Mauritania and so on. So, the event turned out to be an international interaction.

We introduced ourselves in turns, played games and chatted with each other over lunch. Although it is not very easy for me to start talking with each of them, I tried.

My Japanese-American friend is so thoughtful that she occassionally asked me if I talked with them and enjoyed the party.

I was quite surprised to learn that she could gather such a lot of great people. It is her attraction, isn't it.

I also felt the difference between our ordinary parties in Japan and the party that my friend held. She let all of her friends bring their own friends. That is why it became more thrilling and exciting for me.

I don't think it happens so often for Japanese style parties, where we already know about who will be there beforehand. Is it more comfortable for you?


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