Question About These Word: Participate & Join

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Apr 5, 2012 19:49
How are you doing recently? As for me, I was under the weather for a few days, waiting for the day I can go to a gym. I feel better this evening, and finally went there!

Today, I came up with a question about the difference between the word "participate" and "join."

I remember that when I took an English lesson from an American person long time ago, he corrected my sentence "I will join a meeting" to "I will participate a meeting." I'm afraid that I don't remember the exact sentence, but I am sure that the correction was from "join" to " participate."

He said that when I took part in the meeting for the first time, I could use "join," but I should use "participate" because it was a periodic meeting for me.

Does it make sense?

Is the difference between them just the level of politeness?