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Jul 2, 2014 14:19
I bought an English book from Amazon, which a friend of mine had recommended before. Although it came last week, I haven't felt like reading it and it has just been sitting on my desk.

Yesterday I was restless for some reason and was trying to calm down. That's when the book caught my eyes.

Since the title reads "I Can Do It," I expected that the book might affect my lifestyle and my way of thinking. So finally, I opened the book and read the introduction.

As an English learner, I'm ashamed to say that I tend to avoid reading English books, although I found out that I can start reading in a certain of state of mind.

My number one impression of the introduction was " Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, today is a gift, which is why we call it the present." Although I don't know if it's linguistically correct or not, I like it!

It makes me want to try to live in the moment!

Live lessons come from all different places, don't they?


友達が紹介してくれた英語の本がアマゾンから届いた。先週には届いていたのに、読む気がしなくて 数日間、机の上に置いたままになっていた。


そのタイトル” I can do it"に見て取れるように その本が私の生活や考え方に影響を与えてくれる気がした。私はその本を開いて前書きを読んだ。

英語学習者として 恥ずかしいんだけど、英語の本を読むのを避けてしまう。でも、こういう自分の心の状態がきっかけになって読み始めることもあるんだと気が付いた。いいことだよね。

その前書きの中で一番印象に残ったのは、「昨日は過ぎたこと、明日は謎、今日生きていることは贈り物。だから、今を the presentって言うんだ」って言葉。この言葉、言語学的に正しいのかどうか知らないけど、私は好き。