@ @ About "What if"   「もしも、そんなことが起こったら?」

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Jan 10, 2015 11:49
There are a lot of "what ifs" in this world. Some are funny-haha, but some are negative.

I've basically tried to not make any predictions about the future because I believe that nobody can know what will happen in a year, in a month, even in a minute.

I said "I tried" because it seems that I, like most humans, have a tendency to worry and make negative predictions. That's why we should make an effort to get rid of those negative forecasts for the future.

Having said that, what if the prediction is based on our experiences? It would be a little difficult to be positive, right? It's like, "What if that happened again?"

This morning, I read an article that made me feel a little relaxed. It said that: You can't change the fact that something happened, but you can change the meaning and the interpretation of what happened yourself. As a lot of cases show, anything that happens around you can add to your life experience and make you a stronger, smarter, and wiser person in the future.

Maybe we should enjoy the ”what ifs" since we actually don't know what they will be!




とは言っても、その予測が経験に基づいたものだとどう? それを楽天的に考えるのって難しくない? 「あのことがまた起こったらどうしよう?」って。