My review about "Mango Languages"

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Nov 11, 2019 09:46 Challenge Exercise Work English
After three days of testing this app, I must say this app has an absolute easy system to learn the grammar of any language. It is a similar system to Rosseta Stone, the constant practice of the same grammar point make the learner memorize that grammar point and apply it immediately. The difference with Rosseta Stone lies on the approach, this means Rosseta Stone strictly doesn't teach any grammar point, it is just about deciphering the grammar point using it through several exercises. In Mango Languages you can see the rule to follow but the diversification of the exercises is limited to remember some phrases and construct other ones in base with the knowledge acquired.

The approach of Mango Languages also has a motivating system, each exercise has a female voice that motivates you to keep up. As long as I can learn Mandarin using Mango Languages I have to say there are excellent explanations about grammar but this system lacks of different exercises to motivate more the learner because just memorizing and do not let the learner explore other ways to reinforce that knowledge is a fatal mistake. A great example is Busuu whose learning system has a list of vocabulary already learned to review as many times you need.