My Last Digital Painting - Urban Angel

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Nov 17, 2019 02:36 Work Diary Exercise Challenge English
My last digital painting which I called "Urban Angel" has an attractive main point of attention in the center of the composition whose vanishing point works to pinpoint the feminine character I wanted to highlight.
The main character is a young woman posing as if she has a camera in front of her. The pose is not a provocative pose but has a bit of sensuality. She has her right hand touching slightly her chin and the other just touching her belly.

The environment is a representation of the interiors of one of the cars of the metro in a fantasy way that depicts the underworld hidden in any urban environment. The color pallet also conveys the idea of urban fantasy composition with blues, and whites with dark hues and the lights reduced, which depict the classical pallet color of any urban place such as an office. Also, the composition has strokes of green, yellow and red as the subordinated colors that depict a fantasy world into the urban world.

The main character also has focal points in her colors such as her hair whose color red drag the spectator's view into her face. The colors of her outfit also highlight the character besides to be in the middle of a vanishing point. The above-mentioned outfit's colors are not vivid colors, their hue has dark strokes and a reduction of their lights in order to fit the way the composition was worked.

Just back of the main character, there is a backlight that works as a fake effect of the lights the fashion photography uses to highlight the model whose light strokes slightly crop the model's outline. Also, there is a light source on the top of the composition which is part of the classical lights of any car of a train but with a high intensity of lights to blur gradually the edges from the background planes to the foreground which has completely defined outlines such as the effect of camera's lenses.

The female character has a sensual pose but also has an outfit that highlights her silhouette, she has a prominent neckline given by her dark red leather jacket and her black maxi dress under her jacket. She has delicate face factions and silk skin drawn as if she was photography.

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