Letter for my friend

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Feb 20, 2011 16:07
I want to write a letter to one of my coworker who is my friend and she will leave our company because she will change her job. This job is a part-time job for her bet she's got her regular job. She will graduate

Of course, I don't need to write it in English but I just want to practice English. Please correct my journal.

Dear @@@,

Time flies by.
I will miss you very much. I really appreciate your kindness what you've done for me.
You are so sweet that I am sure you will go well everywhere you will be.

You are now leaving our work place. It is just like a graduation!
I will have worked there so please feel free to visit us.
I look forward to seeing you again.

p.s I love you and your beautiful letters(←this mean is scripts).


It's so long time since I used English last time.
I got nervous!