A book I recently read

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Apr 25, 2012 17:02
Hello Everyone,

How are you? It is very long time since I wrote the last journal entry. I hardly study English lately so I hasitate to write something in English. I am happy if you correct my journal entry. Thank you.

OK, what will I talk about...I don't usually write diaries so I feel a little embarassed.

I will talk about a book that I read recently. It is named "the caycher in the rye".

It is very famous book so I guess lots of you know it. My friends in Canada gave it to me when I left Canada. Someone told me that John Lennon was killed by a criminal who had read the book so it became very famous.

I start reading it about one year ago and I made progress until one third of it. What a tiny progress!
It is not that I don't like reading books but I didn't know how difficult reading a book in English was. I must need a dictionary when I read it and it is hard to understand the meaning of the sentenses and the contents. It makes me fell a sleep every time. That's why I can't make progress and I don't know what the author wants to say so far..

Have you read the book? Do you like it?