Friendship is a beautiful word and more beautiful is the feeling of...

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Dec 14, 2017 01:26
Friendship is a beautiful word and more beautiful is the feeling of the positive energy by which we are surrounded with. True friendship comes from dedication, honesty, sincerity and trust. One should always inspire and motivate one's friends to do positive things always and discourage doing the wrong things. Friend who inspire us to do wrong and mischievous things are not real friends. They are Satan in guise of friends. Therefore, one should be cautious and also smart to differentiate the two kinds of friends. True friends are always there for us in need no matter how difficult the situation is. There are friends who are always there to join in the happiness and in moments of merriment but turn their backs in difficult time with petty excuses. Such friends are actually not genuine friends. But the first and foremost important thing is that from our side we have to be genuine in our sacrifice and our dedication. Once our motivation and intention, our purpose and our aim is pure, the other person will have trust in us and for that reason the bond becomes automatically strong. Hence, as good friends it becomes our responsibility to inspire our friends to saw the seed for noble thoughts and pave the way to do the right thing.