A cold afternoon in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

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May 15, 2019 07:11
A cold afternoon in the city of Rio de Janeiro.
It's summer, it's carnival, but the weather is very different.
Manuel is a teenager who has to go to the bakery to buy bread.
He picks up his brand new bike and goes out into the street.
His family expects him to come back for afternoon coffee.

A few minutes later Manuel arrives at the bakery.
- Hey brother, look? You see me 2 real loaves of bread.
- Beauty. Here.
The man hands the loaves to Manuel.
"Give me some of this sweet bread here too.
- Calm down, I'll get you.
Meanwhile the attendant goes inside the store.
And he comes back with something wrapped up and says it's sweet bread.
- You gave $ 5.
Manuel thinks the man's behavior is very strange.
But even so he pays the attendant and leaves the bakery.

On the way back the street is a bit difficult to walk with the bike.
It starts getting dark and it's hard to see things.
Manuel is thinking about what the man did with the sweet bread.
- Are you old? Will it hurt me?
- I can have stomach ache.
Suddenly Manuel hears a very scary noise!
Hihiii, Hihiii, Hihiii!

The noise sounds like an old bicycle.
Manuel thinks:
- My God! What is this? That scary!
Manuel only thinks about going home.
Until the unexpected happens.
On a pedaling the chain of the bicycle is released.
- Oh no! Damn it! I do not believe that.
Manuel to put the chain back.
And the scary noise gets louder.
Hihiii, Hihiii, Hihiiii!

Manuel says aloud:
"This guy could put some oil on that bike.
And think to himself:
- I'm going to leave soon, it's some crazy.
Quickly he repairs the bike and returns on the way home.
Your heart is beating fast, it runs all the way down the street.
And when he turns to the right not to fall into a hole in the street his sweet bread falls to the ground.
He looks back and sees someone very strange on a (on) bicycle.
This far, he does not know who he is.

Manuel leaves the bread and follows the path.
He thinks:
"That sweet bread must have been spoiled. Nevermind.
He arrives in front of the gate of his house.
And the noise gets louder and louder.
Hihiii, hihiiii, hihiiii ...
He is nervous, picks up the key, opens the gate, and runs into the house.
Put the bag of bread on the table for your family to have coffee.

The next morning he hears his neighbor saying:
- Pow .. Beggars are better than us.
Last night down the street. I saw one eating until sweet bread.