First of all, when we traveled we rented a car.

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Sep 4, 2019 04:54 basic_phrases stories story
First of all, when we traveled we rented a car. However, this moment was complicated because we didn't rent a car in a famous brand (no-frills/cheap brand). We were able to rent a car in a generic brand outside the airport. Until now, everything was going easy.

Last day, when we needed to give back the car. I decided to park the car in a fastfood parking next to the biggest metal trash. Suddenly, an employee opened this trash and he didn’t hold the container’s metal door, which collided to the rented car.

We were desperate( (des)prt) because the employee run away. The manager hid himself (pas of hide) behind a desk. We were going to travel for two hours when my girlfriend called the company and he (the rented car manager) said to us that we would have to pay 2000 dollars (two thousand) and we were even more desperate.

Finaly, we decided to return the car as nothing happened. Logically, the manager was waiting for us! When he looked at his car. He was happy because he had imagined a disaster. At last we negotiated to pay just 200 dollars (two hundred). We quickly delivered the car and (we) went back to the airport.