20190917 Intercepted by a police when I was riding a scooter

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Sep 17, 2019 09:29
That was funny.

Last Saturday, I rented a scooter to go to play a basketball with my friend. During I rode the scooter, I intercepted by a police.

The reason was I wanted to turn off my scooter headlight, but I couldn’t find any bottoms to turn off. This scooter doesn’t have a real key. I need to use my mobile phone to control my scooter. For example, start up the scooter or open the scooter trunk.
I tried to use my mobile phone to find that how to turn off headlight when I waited for the traffic light 🚦 and I was looking down. At that moment, I heard something sound that asking me, so l was looking up and I had seen a police in front of me.

Fortunately she didn’t give me a ticket.
I need to be careful when I using this kind of scooter that need to use a mobile phone to control.
And I don’t know this service is safe or not, because we need to use phone to control the scooter.
I am afraid that there will be a traffic accident.