20190914 Rent a electric scooter

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Sep 15, 2019 22:40
I mete my junior high school (middle school) of classmates on Saturday.
We had a basketball game in my formerly middle school.
Usually, I go to my middle school by bus and subway, but I tried to rent an electric scooter by an APP.
This app is called IRENT. It is a car and scooter rental service of APP for 24 hours.
You don't need to go to a rental shop, we can finish all in APP.
In the first step, find a scooter which nearby your location on the map.
The second step, just follow the step in the app to rent a scooter.
Then you can rent it.
It was quite easy to rent a scooter.
And this APP is a new service, So we can rent a new electric scooter. It quite a good experience, but one thing wasn't satisfied with me.
The speed was really slow that limited was 50 kg/h.
Our city scooter's speed usually is 50~80 kg/h. The speed for me was quite slow.
On the other hand, It was safe.

This APP is really useful and convenient because it was easy to rent a scooter, and the scooter and the helmet were all clean.
Next time, I will also use this APP when I need to go to one place that will take too much time by bus and a subway.
And I also think it is environmentally friendly.
In the future, we can imagine that we will have a lot of new service in our life, and it will be friendly for the environment.

If you have a chance to come to Taiwan, I think you would interesting in this service.