My Old and Dear Dog

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Jun 16, 2019 06:28
Roughly one year ago, I was with my dog at the terrace of a pub just a few meters away my home (It was one of the few times I had a walk with him up to that moment). There, I was having a coffee when a grew-up man offered me a small biscuit for Chato (my dog's name). I respectfully refused his offering because he had already eaten too much. From that interaction we kept on having a small chat about my pet. Among other questions, he asked me about Chato's age. I've never stopped to think about it, so I couldn't give him a clear answer. I thought he was about ten years old. When I come back home, I asked my parents about it and I have got shocked with their answer. Fifteen years old! I couldn't believe it. He was as itchy and active as it made me think he was rather younger than he really was.
Since that moment I decided to go more times with him to the park. Who knows how many days are left to spent time together? In fact, he had hearth problems for the last three months. Now he is taking a pill every day in order to minimize that issues.
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