(1/3) Expensive SF

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Jan 9, 2018 00:25
I’d heard that SF is among the world’s most expensive cities long before I got there. In my experience, this city is by no means inexpensive.

When searching for SF hotels on booking.com before my visit, I found the average price of urban-core hotels was around $200. I focused on the two-star hotels, knowing that luxury would have its added price. Even that was costly in my eyes, because I could book luxurious hotels for this price in many other countries. I proceeded to look at the reviews and learned that the parking fee was $70 per night. As a budget traveler, I decided not to rent a car on the first day in SF, so I could save the parking fee for other things.

Fortunately, at the last minute when I was about to hit the “book” button, I found a decent room for a reasonable price on Airbnb, only $150, and placed the order immediately. This lodging turned out to be an amazing experience. The house was a gem in the city! The landlady said there was no charge for parking, so I decided to pick up my rental car on my first afternoon in SF.

The first day, my friend and I visited a few places and had a blast. We'd picked up our car key at Alamo downtown right before it closed at 7 pm, but we didn't go straight back to the Airbnb; we lingered downtown, wanting to see the urban nightlife. We wouldn’t stay in this city long, only two days, so we tried to make use of every minute to experience the vibe there.