Hunanese Food

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Feb 26, 2017 01:03
Yesterday, I went to a restaurant a colleague of mine strongly recommended to me. The place was hidden in an old block, but I assumed that it may be crowded, because most people in Changsha (Hunan) are crazy food lovers. Even past the midnight (usually during the summer), you can still see lots of locals dining outside. Even those restaurants that have the slightest word of mouth recommendation are always packed.

I walked several alleyways and arrived at 6 pm. The place were already full of people. I wasn’t surprised at all. Luckily, after ten minutes, the owner arranged a table for my friend and me. We ordered four dishes, which tasted very good and authentic (VERY SPICEY). Haha. As a Hunanese person who grew up eating spicy food, I enjoyed it, but my friend who grew up in the north of China couldn’t bear its spiciness. He sweated profusely and kept wiping his forehead.

China is a huge country. The cuisines vary from region to region. People in Hunan and Sichuan love eating spicy food. (But Hunanese and Sichuan dishes also have many differences.) People in the east of China enjoy sweet food. Cantonese food is bland and mainly made of seafood. I both work in Guangzhou (Canton) and Changsha. When I’m in Guangzhou, I love eating dim sums.

You should never underestimate Chinese people’s passion for food, which is a very important part of Chinese culture. Though China isn’t an immigrant nation, Changsha, a medium-size city, is even cosmopolitan in terms of food. There are Japanese dishes, French dishes, Mexican dishes, Italian dishes, etc.. Several days ago, I dined at a river-side Nepalese restaurant, whose food tasted amazing. I heard that Mexican food is spicy as well, but the Mexican food here isn’t authentic, so I always want to try the authentic version. Therefore, this time, upon hearing that one of my friends would go to Mexico this June, I immediately asked him to bring some spices for me.

By the way, the most famous Chinese dish in the US, General Tso’s chicken, originated in Changsha, Hunan. While exploring the reasons, I found it very interesting. It’s all about the history of Chinese immigrants in the US. I may share it here one of these days.