(4/4) A Weird Hike - Floridian Gossip/Chismeando con Floridanos

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Aug 24, 2018 03:32
One of the organizers was American. I asked him which part of the US he was from and he replied, “Do you know Miami?”

What a small world! A day earlier, I’d chatted with two Floridians (my English teacher, M, and his friend) for two hours, and the next day I met this guy, another Floridian, in this city that was not international at all!

I asked him excitedly if he knew my friend/teacher M and he replied, “You mean the guitarist…?”

“No. I mean the M who works in the biotech industry…,” I explained hastily, my mind racing: the guy surely knew my English teacher, because there weren’t many Americans in my city and there was probably an American expat association and stuff.

“Oh, you mean M? Knew him for a while…,” he said plainly.

”Knew him for a while….” This answer and his tone seemed to suggest something unfriendly going on between them. That night we happened to sit at the same table for dinner, and the guy told me A LOT about M. Eh, I didn’t mean to pry.

Anyways, I was starting to understand why: they just had a personality clash. Just because two Americans are expats living in the same country or even the same city doesn't necessarily mean they're good friends. Perhaps I looked weird to the Hashers as well, haha, because I felt a bit uneasy while mingling with them, but was comfortable hanging out with M.