#1 Three Musketeers in a Pub

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Aug 4, 2016 23:00
The other day, as work was ending, my smartphone on the far right side of the table started ringing. I took a cursory look at the screen out of the corner of my eye. It was Yoyo, a primary school classmate of mine, an attractive young lady. I reached out my hand to grab the phone and clicked on it.

A familiar voice came out and said, “Hi, Cartman! You, Dennis, and I meet at Helen’s bar at 7 tonight.” “Okay, no problem.” I replied quickly and then hung up the phone. Best friends don't need to say much to get the message across, do we? She‘s going to study in the USA this August, so she wanted one last get-gather of us before she jetted over the Pacific Ocean to another country.

Yoyo, Dennis, and I are like three musketeers. We’ve been best friends since childhood. Many people may no longer remember their primary school classmates’ names when they’ve grown up, but we do; and more than that, we are still the best of friends, simply because all of my classmates used to live in the same neighborhood. We hung out together on the way to and from school.
酒吧里的三死党 (1)


手机里飘来一个熟悉的声音:“Carman。你,我还有Dennis,晚上7点在Helen's 酒吧会面。” “没问题!“答完就把电话挂了。知己之间往往只需只言片语就能心心相通。她今年8月就要去美国留学了,所以在漂洋过海之前,想三个死党再见一面。