(3/4) A Weird Hike – Motley Crew

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Aug 18, 2018 04:36
In addition to the bizarre tradition, a menagerie of Hashers made that hike look weird to me. It felt as if I was thrown into a circle of weirdos since arriving at the rendezvous. Although we might’ve shared the same passion for hiking, I could still sense that we were different types, or perhaps they were just out of my league. :-(

I’d like to describe a few of them.


The bus was slated to head out at 3 PM, but ended up being 20 minutes late because we had to wait until the iceman came. After all, the ice was indispensable for cooling the drinks and hazing people. During the wait, a young Chinese guy walked around, on and off the bus, chatting with nearly every non-Chinese member. He spoke English fluently and blended into different groups with aplomb. While talking, he laughed cheerfully and leaned his body in a relaxed manner. I’d thought that he was a “senior fellow” and knew the others very well, but in the end I learned that he was a total newcomer. He hadn’t known any one of them! What a gregarious man!

自来熟 (adj) is used to describe someone who talks to you as if you two were well-acquainted but actually is an absolute stranger to you.


A young Chinese lady really stood out because of her huge boobs. Well, not exactly. Although she had the biggest breasts among all the gals present that day, it was the way she flaunted them that made her the center of attention. She wore jeans, which could protect herself from thorns and grass blades, but what she had on above the waist -- a super tight deep-v swimsuit -- seemed inappropriate for a hike. That night I happened to sit at the same table with her for dinner. I saw her folding her arms in order to make her boobs bigger and bounce while talking with a guy, who ended up gawking into her jiggly cleavage. My friend later told me that he had her WeChat account. On his feed he constantly saw her doing yoga in her spacious house with vintage furniture that seemed expensive. Basically, what she was up to remains mysterious but I have no desire to delve into it.