(3/3) Expensive SF

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Jan 12, 2018 01:16
An American man asked us, “You guys come from China?”

I nodded and replied, “Yep, but how did you know that?”

Pointing to my visa card, he explained, “From the Chinese characters… “

After a short while, he continued, “I’m ashamed. SF is so expensive, even more expensive than London.”

My coworker looked at me and whispered in Mandarin, “Why did he say ‘ashamed’?”

Well, though merely a burger or sandwich for $20+ was indeed pricey, it would’ve been no surprise in China if we’d spent 140 rmb (around $20) per person dining out. I replied, in Mandarin as well, “No idea. I don’t read minds. Perhaps he’s proud that he’s able to survive in this expensive city, or he just expressed his concern over SF’s financial unfriendliness towards tourists.”

Knowing that we were going to start our trip on Highway 1, he said that there was a blockade at the Big Sur and told us how to detour around it. He then offered to give us two $2.5s for a streetcar ride to the urban core, where we would pick up our rental car. Startled by his generosity, I didn’t know what to do for a few seconds before peeling a $5 note out of my wallet in return. That guy’s gentlemanship was really impressive, so the reason he’d felt ashamed was probably my second guess: he was thoughtful. As an aside, when we exited, there was a long line outside. It seemed like Americans loved brunch so much.

At the Alamo, we were told that our parking ticket had expired because we should have pulled our car out the previous night, so we ended up paying the car park an extra $40 for the overnight parking. We got pretty annoyed, because in big Chinese cities, parking process at many places had been automated so we hadn’t expected SF, the world’s tech hub, to be so backward in this aspect. Anyway, accidents would happen; our mood turned jolly as soon as we hit the road.

However, still panic-stricken at the thought of exorbitant parking fees in SF, we decided to head straight for the Golden Gate Bridge to spare us rip-offs of the parking meters downtown. In order to save the toll fees, we planned to stop at the south side of the bridge to do sightseeing, but unfortunately we didn’t have the faintest idea that a spaghetti junction was awaiting us ahead, which would later lead us onto the bridge and cost us $10… Haha.







得知我们要去自驾加州一号公路,他说big sur封路了,还告诉我们如何绕道。随后,他主动给了两个2.5美元,说是去市中心的轻轨费。他的大方惊讶到了我,我一时不知如何是好,然后赶紧从钱包里抽出一张5美元给他。那位男士很绅士,给我们留下了很深的印象,所以我觉得我之前的第二种猜测是对的,他应该是很体贴的那种。顺便插一句,我们出餐馆的时候,外面排起了长队,看来美国人极爱吃brunch。


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