Murdering Doctors

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Feb 17, 2017 01:12
Today, I read a piece of news that a man broke in, stabbed and tried to kill a physician. Fortunately, the physician was saved. Actually, in China, the news of doctors being murdered hasn’t been new to us. It happens every now and then. Some other doctors were not as lucky to be saved as the aforementioned physician. They ended up dead right in the hospitals where they were murdered. You can imagine how desperately the murderers wanted the doctors to die.

The other day, I watched a news story on TV that in the US, some undocumented immigrant children were worried about being deported. One of them said to the media, “We work hard. Some of us will become doctors and lawyers.” Upon hearing it, I couldn’t help but laugh. It sounds like American kids really love to say they want to become doctors and lawyers someday. It seems like doctors and lawyers are well-respected and are paid high salaries.

In China, however, it isn’t the same. Doctors keep complaining that they don’t receive what they deserve, and risk being killed. They swear that if their kids attend med school, they will beat the hell out of them. (Patients also complain. It would be a long story if I were to expound it.) To be Lawyers isn’t a good choice for students either. Those who have poor grades will go to law school because they don’t have many other choices.

China is an incomprehensible nation, isn’t it?