My Experience of Applying for US Visa 1

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Dec 19, 2014 00:28
I’d never thought I would go to apply for US tourist visa so soon until president Obama visited China this November attending APEC summit. He declared a new policy that the validity period of US tourist visa for Chinese was extended from 1 year to 10 years, which reduced the previous harassment of applying for visa yearly if one wanted to travel to US many times. Seeing that, a lot of online traveling services started to promote traveling products to US. (Here “traveling product” in China mostly means package tours.) So, I bought a visa application service at a very low price.

The other day, I went to the consulate general of the united states of American, Guangzhou, China, applying for my US visa. I was pretty impressed with this enclave located in Guangzhou’s CBD and surrounded with tall buildings. That said, I guessed the place should be very expensive.

I lined up for 20 minutes and entered the consulate. I felt it was like a bank. I saw through one of the windows that many people buzz around, making phones and holding with files, quite a House of Cards scene. First, I went to a window to have my fingerprints recorded on a laser device. The officer was an Asian girl with a sweet smile and speaking Chinese with a little exotic accent. I guessed she might be a second or third generation of Chinese emigrants to US.