(1/2) Fresh Off the Boat

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May 6, 2019 01:47
In my last entry I described one of a few conjectures people came up with about Wu’s motive for matricide. Even if it’s a completely wild speculation, the logic of the “storyline” is still tenable to us, but some American friends found it hard to believe, which I hadn’t expected. Reflecting on it, I think it’s mainly because of the culture difference. One of the American friends didn’t have a clue why Wu’s relatives lent Wu and his mother over $200,000, but never checked in on them, allowing Wu to get away with things for nearly seven months. Well, to explain this, let me tell a story first.

The other day, I went to a college campus close to where I live, in search of a classroom where I was able to study without any distraction. It wasn’t a prestigious school; the students didn’t work as diligently as those in famous universities, so empty seats were easy to find. While I was walking through the library hall, among many posters a red-white-and-blue-colored advertisement caught my eye. Under a picture of the Statue of Liberty, the caption read: “Intern in the US during the summer break!”

Hmm, this wasn’t a novelty to me, a few years ago, back in college, I had several friends who also participated in a program like this. Though what they did was confined to burger-flipping jobs, their visiting America for the first time did broaden their horizons and ignite their “American dreams,” which they all later fulfilled in some ways. I once wrote an entry on Lang-8 describing how one of my best friends, Jojo, first worked as a waitress at Yellowstone, then decided to go to an American graduate school, and eventually secured a job in California.

But this time I’d like to share another story. It’s about how a guy achieved his American dream in a different way – unlawful entry. I don’t quite remember that guy’s name, but I know he comes from Fujian, the province on the southeast coast of China where Wu, the murderer, grew up. Fujian people were infamous for immigrating to the US illegally, so the guy had applied to US visa a few times but never succeeded, until he signed up for that intern program. He dropped out of contact the instant he stepped onto American soil. They say his sister picked him up. Before becoming a US citizen, she had been undocumented in the US for many years. That guy never came back to school. He simply didn’t care.

[To be continued]