(2/3) Expensive SF

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Jan 11, 2018 00:25
That night, my friend and I walked the streets for nearly two hours. We visited an Apple store, ate Mexican food, and went to a Trader Joe’s to buy foods and water for our road trip. We had so much fun that it was past 10 pm before we realized it. We decided to go back to the Alamo to pick up our car, and then return to our Airbnb house. Alamo’s parking lot was on the fourth floor of a multi-story car park. It was a bit tricky: the parking building wasn’t easy to find, and the elevator entrance was tucked away in a grocery store on the first floor. We spotted our car in the end anyways, but when trying to pull out into the ramp, we found the exit blocked by a huge SUV. It must’ve been Alamo that did this to protect their property.

There were no Alamo staff around so we had no choice but to Uber home. The second day we slept very late and went to a restaurant recommended by the landlady for brunch. Though it was already 10 am, this upscale neighborhood was tranquil. Shops didn’t open yet. There was no one on the streets, only with streetcars chugging past at intervals. The small restaurant was half-packed when we arrived. My friend looked at the menu, confused, asking me which dishes were authentic American brunch. To be frank, I didn’t know either, so I replied that everything on the menu was as American as apple pie. Haha.

I ordered a burger and he asked for a sandwich. That cost each of us around $22, including tips. Of course, it wasn’t cheap, but since we came in knowing SF is expensive, the expenses were in line with expectations. We didn’t dine there every day after all, otherwise it wouldn’t take us long to go broke.

I put my credit card on the tab, waiting to pay. An American man at a table beside ours, with his kid sitting opposite, asked us, “You guys come from China?”