(4) Incredible India – The Arrival

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Feb 1, 2017 01:29
After a couple of hours, the plane began to slow and tilt downward – we were about to arrive. I inclined my head toward the tiny oval window, pressed my nose against it, and watched the city of Delhi grow bigger and bigger beneath me. Amidst this sprawling landscape, a snow-white lotus stood out. I guessed that was the iconic landmark – the 70-meter wide Bahá'í Lotus Temple constructed in 1986. “Delhi is so big! It must be an amazing city,” I thought.

The New Delhi International Airport is indeed very big and it’s one of the best airports I’ve ever seen! Upon entering, a aroma of mild exotic perfume blew into my face. The architecture was gorgeously designed – very modern, but incorporating ancient Indian elements. Even the bathroom design was very refreshing and creative. A big picture on the wall of a handsome sahib in Indian traditional costume indicated the entrance to the men’s bathroom, and a profile of a beautiful young Indian rahini dressed in sari showed the women’s.

Treading on the soft carpet towards the Delhi Metro, already I was imagining how the rest of this city would appear. The Metro line seemed very high-tech, but there were few passengers inside. I arranged my luggage and basked in the cool breeze coming out of the vents. After a while, the train arrived at New Delhi Central Railway Station, where I was going to buy some tickets reserved for foreign tourists.

Actually, before departure, I’d read some articles complaining about India’s bad infrastructure. I'd originally prepared to be disappointed, but witnessing the airport and subway ignited my anticipation. “Those undeveloped infrastructures must be in far-flung areas. Every country has places that are still under development,” I thought to myself.

But, upon stepping out of the subway station, I was stunned… Is it REALLY the capital city of a rising superpower?

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几个小时后,飞机开始向下倾斜,开始减速 – 快到新德里了。我把头伸往舷窗,鼻子贴着玻璃,看着脚下的新德里越变越大。在广袤的地表上,一朵雪白的莲花很显眼。我猜就是莲花寺,新德里的地标建筑。“德里真大呀!肯定是一个精彩的大都市!”