Li Na – A “Rebellious” Athlete in China

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Feb 1, 2015 17:26
This Saturday, Serena Williams won the Australian Open final claiming her 19th grand slam title. Last year this time, the winner is Li Na from China, who is my favorite Chinese athlete.

Li Na has become a “rebellious” personality in China due to her many legendary stories. Her father was her first coach, but sadly he passed away when Li was only 14 years old. From then on, she was lost in her life’s direction and confronted many setbacks and ended up being a rather unconfident, “rebellious” girl.

Li was once on the national team, where several tennis players share a coach. She was in discord with Chinese tennis authorities because she thought they too much emphasized players’ performances but gave little care for players’ personal conditions. Before a national tournament, she was injured and was even asked to take medicines that would boost her performance in a short term but might do harm to her health in the long run.

She was shocked and decided to quit the national team. In 2002, she went to college and did journalism, which is why her English is pretty good and in the following years her winning speeches always humored the spectators.

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